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Free Engraving & Centre Discs

Unlimited Free Plate Engraving

We provide free unlimited text and logo plate engraving on our trophies and awards.

There is no limit on the amount of characters you can include on your engraving plate, the only restriction comes from the amount of space you have to engrave on. The larger the surface area for engraving, the more free engraving characters you can include. However, we will always adjust the size of the font to fit accordingly to the engraving plate.

During checkout you will be prompted to add your engraving requirements, or to simply leave blank if you don't have any. You get to enter three lines of text to be applied to your engraving plate, this is the most common amount of lines that are often applied to our trophies and awards. If you require more than three lines, that is no problem, just email or call us free on 0800 321 3313 and we can help you to plan and adequately meet your requirements.

Many of our trophies and awards come as standard with a metal plate, which vary in size and colour depending on the dimensions and style of trophy or award you choose.

There is a charge for those trophies and awards that require a more lengthy and intricate process for engraving. These awards include glass, crystal, nickel plated, silver plated and some miscellaneous items including hip flasks and tankards. These awards can be personalised with text and a logo, and will be engraved directly onto the trophy or award as per your instructions. The cost of this is included in the price you see on the website, we have no hidden and frustrating costs.

Unfortunately we do not offer engraving onto medals, but alternative ways to customise your medal would be to include a centre disc where applicable. This will enable you to add custom images and text.

Personalise Your Trophies & Awards with Centre Discs

A large majority of our trophies and awards come with a recess for adding a centre disc; if you wish to. You will be prompted during checkout to either choose from our huge selection of stock images, upload your own artwork or simply move on without a centre disc. All our centre disc offerings a free of charge, this includes our stock images and custom artwork.

Free Stock Image Centre Discs

Choose from our hundreds of stock images for your centre discs covering almost every sport and activity you can imagine. These centre discs offer a fantastic finishing touch to any award and help to strengthen the link of the award or trophy with the sport you are associated with. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a trophy that best represents a particular sport or activity, especially if the sport or activity is a little obscure. Our stock image centre discs enable you to buy any trophy or award you like and tailor the look and feel of it to match your needs, making sure you can always find what you require at Atticus Trophies.

Free Custom Centre Discs

Alternatively, if you would like to personalise your trophy or award with your club badge, business logo or brand identity you can easily upload your own artwork during checkout, and we will happily add it for free in a high quality domed centre.

N.B. Centre discs are only available for trophies that come with a recess for the centre disc to be applied.