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Atticus Trophies School awards.

Welcome to our education and school award trophies to cater for all of your academic purposes. Reward pupils with encouragement, reinforcement and recognition through our extensive and unique choice of sports day trophies, academic medals, mini star awards, children's trophies, presentation shields, presentation plaques, school trophies and trophy cups. These awards are ideal solutions to sports days, inter-school tournaments, weekly class presentations and end of year awards. You can find school trophies suitable for all ages. We have fun trophies for children in lower school years, subject trophies including maths, english, music, art and science, also attendance and house trophies for all school years. In addition to this we provide elegant and sophisticated trophies for older students graduating from college and university. You can receive free engraving and free personalised centres with our school trophies to ensure the recipient of the award feels extra special and valued.